Community is powerful. It imprints on us, feeds us, and guides us. We spend our lives finding and engaging it in our little niches. It’s  time we start building one for all of us.

Community Builder

Build Equitable Community Spaces with Strategic Planning, Fund Development, Community Engagement, & Evaluation

Detroit School Board Member

Cultivating a District with Amplified Student Voice, Community Education, Diversity & Inclusion

Social Justice Advocate

Speaking and Writing on Community Inclusion, Race, Gender, & Aging

About Misha

Misha Stallworth’s first direct action toward social justice was against 5th grade bullies in defense of a fellow 1st grader.  It ended in a fight (which she won) and some would argue was the first indication that her talents would be better used on the strategic side of things. She now focuses on strategic planning, evaluation, and development in the non-profit sector. Misha is the Director of Arts and Culture at the Hannan Center, where she fights ageism through creative expression. She is also the youngest-elected member of the Detroit Board of Education. A passionate strategic planner, Misha helps facilitate outcome-driven processes. Past projects have included managing Detroit Meals on Wheels, facilitating the Cody Rouge Youth Council, and nonprofit technical assistance in planning and fund development. 

 Misha is committed to the fight for equity and finding creative solutions for inclusion and accessibility for Detroiters.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in research psychology from the University of Chicago and a master’s degree in social work and community organizing from the University of Michigan Misha is often asked why she returned to Detroit after time in Chicago and LA; she did so for 2 reasons: 1) She loves Detroit more than anywhere else in the world and 2) If she’s going to work to make things fair, she should do it first at home where the need is so great. Her Northwest Detroit home is same one in which she spent weekends with her grandparents and is also where she sometimes rescues stray cats and dogs.